If you're a bright, creative adult with under-developed skills, that's causing focus, follow through & self-management challenges, it's your time to move from stuck to unstoppable!

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WHICH PAIN is driving your life?

  • Not knowing where to start or what to focus on?
  • Having a hard time remembering information?
  • Hard time getting started & completion paralysis?
  • Inability to plan, prioritize & stay on top of things?
  • Stuck or overwhelmed by tasks & all the moving parts?
  • Inability to create structure for yourself & maintain it?
  • Underachieving, low self-esteem & breaking your word?
  • Exhausted from the struggle to get things done?
  • Have not been able to progress in your life?
  • Lots of dreams for a better career/job and healthier relationships, yet continually self-sabotaging?
  • Disorganized inside and out - thinking & environment?
  • Lose track of time, can't transition & always late?
  • ADHD, undiagnosed Executive Function Deficits, Generalized Anxiety, Depression, Panic Disorder, PTSD, Agoraphobia, Fibromyalgia or other medical issues?



The #1 Way to Move Beyond the Years of Damage from Undiagnosed ADHD and Executive Function Dysfunction

ADDventures in Achievement is Tailor-Made for You!

Take an Executive Function Assessment when you enroll, so that data drives our focus and your program direction

A 50-Minute Session with Dr B to review your EF assessment results and to plan your initial 90 day journey of achieving

The flexible structure of the program let's you learn skills in the order you need them, at the pace that's right for you

Our weekly one-to-one group coaching helps you master all the essential adult skills and strategies to fully live your life

Who is Dr B?

She's a passionate Creator, Visionary, Executive Function Skills and Strategies Trainer, Podcast Host & Producer of the Living Beyond ADHD podcast, Psychotherapist, ADHD Coach, and creator of ADDventures in Achievement, Couples in Motion, Coupleship in the Making, ADDventures Companion, The Magical Power of WINS, Change Your Life in 72 Hours or Less, and a strong voice with her public service video and ebook, There's An Elephant in the Room. She has been interviewed by podcasters Pat Flynn, James Travis, J. Stephen Kennedy, and others are in the works. She has been interviewed by ADDitude Magazine about her ADHD Coaching, and authored a chapter in the "classic" Women with ADHD. She also continues to serve clients one-to-one in her private practices.

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Testimonials from 2018 In Person Training in CA

I highly recommend Dr B’s programs, and I found the 2-day live training especially helpful in sorting out what parts of my struggles I really want to work on. The topics were relevant (because she asked what we wanted to work on ahead of time!), and the information reached me at a deeper level due to the small group environment. Ground rules were clear, so it was helpful to know what to expect. And still it exceeded my expectations in every way. I have useful handouts and wonderful notes that I continue to refer back to. All in all it was an incredible value, and I found it life-changing.

Dr B’s heart for helping others, combined with a vast knowledge of human behavior is what sets her apart from any other coach or therapist I have ever worked with. Dr B’s ability to find solutions for each individual’s experience is a true gift, one that I can see she works hard at cultivating so that she can stay on top of new scientific and medical information and continue to offer the best options. Her energy and passion for spreading love and healing are a blessing to those who work with her.

AIA student, Virginia

I had a wonderful experience at our first ever weekend training.  It was full of helpful information both written and verbal.  I've had the opportunity to apply much of it to my daily life.  It was a great help in planning our wedding and honeymoon.  My wife and I have had many conversations about the people who were there and how spending that time would benefit us in the future.  I am planning to be at the next one, and will put it on our calendar as soon as we have a date.  I hope to get some family members to join me.

AIA student, California

Dr B's ADDventures in Achievement program has helped me in so many different areas of life.  So when I had the privilege of attending the 2 Day in person training, I knew 100% without a doubt that I was not going to miss it.  The experience and curriculum combined was truly revolutionary for me and my goals for the weekend. 

AIA student, Washington

The August 2018 live training was an intensely rewarding experience. The content, exercises, and training methodology worked in concert to promote healing, personal growth, and self-actualization. The synergy of Dr B and our group was powerful. I found these two days very fulfilling and I imagine each of us returned to our homes in various parts of the U.S. radiating some of the positivity and lightness that we experienced onsite. Dr B's live training nourishes the mind and nurtures the spirit. I strongly encourage everyone in the ADDventures in Achievement program to experience the personal peace you will find in yourself through the next live, transformative training experience with Dr B.

AIA student, Texas

I am glad to have attended this 2-day event with Dr B. The training environment was very pleasant and homey; and the spacing and setup were quite comfortable. The small group size allowed for a generous amount of individual attention for each participant – which I found most valuable. The topics selected and pace of material presented were well thought out, and it all flowed well. I especially found the opening exercise of leaving our parental homes to be very meaningful to me. I heard the words of what a loving parent might say to their child going out into the world. Hearing it, even at this stage in my life, did my heart good. I recommend this 2-day event to anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of what went wrong in their lives; along with the accompanying tools to dig themselves out.

AIA student, California

Dr B's weekend retreat was an emotional journey from within.  I learned more about myself and with that foundation am able to make the changes to improve myself.  It was an interactive class with exercises which taught me about myself.  The weekend was healing and inspirational. 

AIA student, Texas 

Most Frequently Asked Questions About the ADDventures In Achievement Program

  • You're already working with a coach or therapist, and would like a community and hands on work

  • You work more effectively with an accountability buddy and some place to show up daily to grow

  • You are not a "techie", need something easy to interact with and like "in person" when possible

  • You're really busy, need flexibility to show up when you can & still benefit from your membership

  • You're done living a "stuck life" & ready to move on to the life you've wanted for years now

  • You're looking for "an affordable alternative" to one-to-one, time-limited coaching models

  • As a new member, you'll take an Executive Function Assessment, then have a one-to-one appointment with me, where we review the results so I can fully understand your needs and goals for the initial 3 months.  I limit enrollment at any given time, so I have the time I need to learn about you and your needs
  • I am committed to making sure that ALL members succeed in reaching their goals
  • I do my best to move into your life, really see what's happening, and determine where the real issues are, so we can address them.

Enrollment is a 3-month commitment at a time and renews automatically every 3 months.  If you wish to discontinue your enrollment, you need to email me at least 3 days in advance of your renewal date and let me know you want to cancel your enrollment.

  • You'll receive an email with your login information to access the membership site; actually two (2) products:  Getting Started with ADDventures in Achievement and ADDventures in Achievement will be waiting for you. 
  • From there you can get yourself registered for the Forum, which is the private forum area for interacting one-to-one.
  • Next, I'll be reaching out to you to set up your 1:1 kickoff appointment with me, where I'll have the opportunity to get to know you a bit as well as learn about your challenges and goals. 
  • Before our appointment, you will receive the Executive Function Skill Assessment, so we can discuss those results in our 1:1 appointment.
  • You'll find a comprehensive video and PDF "tour of our space" in the Getting Started with AIA product - meaning that I show you where everything is and how it works in both the membership site and forums on video as well as in written form (pdf download).
  • You have the opportunity to attend a live group coaching call weekly (daytime or evening) as well as weekly live working workshops. 
  • There's certainly no shortage of time together. And when we aren't together, you will have access to me via the forums 6 days a week.  You post and I am notified and respond.  A great way to interact and dialogue your way through challenges.
  • In other words, you'll have me "by your side", making sure you are progressing and on track!
  • Even working with a coach 1:1 you don't always get the attention to details about you and your challenges that this program makes possible. I make it my job to ask what you need and provide it to the best of my ability within the structure of this program. It's very important to me that you succeed!
  • The Working Workshops are created to educate you as well as allow for you to do the work right then and there in the Workshop (since you've made the time to attend) so you don't have to make time outside of the Workshop if you don't have it. 
  • The Group Coaching Calls are weekly so I can support you and help you work through challenges, practicing strategies and asking clarifying questions on a regular basis, and of course you can always reach out to me via the forums for help too.
  • We have our 1:1 appointment in the beginning of your journey so I can learn about you and your needs and keep you focused on your stated and posted goals.
  • The separate Members' Only Portal, our Forum, is where we all interact in the forums there - with introductions, progress and accountability, daily or weekly goals, sharing WINS, posting takeaways and questions from Working Workshops and Coaching Calls and more.
  • You can interact "live" on our calls if they match your schedule or watch the replays at a more convenient time for you. You can be as involved and rigorous about your work in this program as fits for you.
  • I'm online 6 days a week in the forums and membership site responding to your needs.
  • My 5-Step System for Personal Transformation with Ease and G.R.A.C.E. is the basis for building a strong and sustainable foundation. This process is worked on, step-by-step, in the Forum, where you receive direct feedback from me on each step you take and revision you make, until you "get" the lesson. Take all the time you need.
  • Once you enroll, you will receive access to two (2) products - Getting Started with ADDventures in Achievement and ADDventures in Achievement. 
  • Be sure to make your way through the Getting Started product "first" before you jump into the main product. 
  • In ADDventures in Achievement, you will see the upcoming Working Workshops listed as well as the upcoming Group Coaching Calls. 
  • You can register right away for the live events or wait until I send out a reminder email to all members to register. 
  • All live events are done on Zoom Video. 
  • You will always get reminders to register and attend.
  • Each Working Workshop is live and approximately 90 minutes. I highly recommend staying for the entire Working Workshops.
  • Each Coaching Call is 90 minutes.  You can stay for the entire Coaching Call or leave once you get what you need.  
  • Once the Working Workshop or Group Coaching Call is over, I upload the recording in the student portal archives so you can it watch again and again.
  • Repetition is so valuable! You can follow along each week or attend according to your own schedule.  
  • If you miss a live event, you can make it up by watching the recorded video.
  • To participate in the ADDventures in Achievement Forum, you will need to register for that; registration link is right there in the Getting Started with ADDventures in Achievement product on the right hand side. 
  • I suggest that you use the same email address and password that you used to enroll in ADDventures in Achievement so you have less things to remember.
  • Don't worry; all Working Workshops and Group Coaching Calls are recorded and uploaded into the student portal archives so you can watch them at any time.  
  • If you know in advance that you can't attend a live event, you can post your questions 24 hours in advance in the forum, and I will make sure to address your questions in the live Working Workshop or on the live Group Coaching Call so you can hear your answers when you do watch the replay.
  • Again, another great way to not miss out on anything in the program!!
  • You can post questions in advance of every Coaching Call, as well as ask questions on the Call.  
  • You can ask questions inside the private Forum.  
  • You can ask questions in your initial one-to-one with me.
  • You can book additional time with me, if what you need extends beyond the scope of membership.

The ADDventures in Achievement Forum is a separate student portal I have connected to the membership site to ensure absolute confidentiality and privacy as we learn and interact together in the Forum and various work spaces there.

Goal vs. Fantasy

Fantasy "goals" are immediate. We imagine it and we have it; just that easy. Real "goals" have steps; steps we need to take to get to our goal. There are also the goals we want to set and the goals we need to set before the ones we want; kind of the "pre-step goals."  It's just not as simple as setting a goal. There's a lot to know and many layers to the process to ensure your success. If you're going to set a goal, why not be thorough and set the one you need first?

Fantasy vs. Reality

It can be difficult to see your life with clarity; not because you are intentionally deceiving, rather you truly believe what you think you see. Sometimes it takes the eyes of another to shed some light. Only by knowing where we are starting from can we advance.  You will also be identifying your "good enough reason" (your fuel and motivation) to pursue and get your goal. Your head isn't what drives you towards your goal; it's your heart-felt passion and "all in" attitude.

Acceptance vs. Denial

In order to "close all exits and be in 1000%" you need an openness and willingness that doesn't necessarily come naturally. However, you can and will be cultivating these qualities. You will release all excuses or ways out by being fully open to your goal.  You will go to any lengths and live in the solutions, not the problems or obstacles, when you become willing to have your goal. Saying you are open and willing when you aren't fully there yet, only slows you down.

Commit vs. 'Plan To'

Every small step takes you a step closer to your goal. You will be identifying that small step as well as what is necessary for you to be able to take that small step. You'll also factor in your feelings about taking this small step. And create the map for your journey.  This will all happen once you "commit" to this journey and what is needed. There is no I "plan to" make these changes; there is only "commit" to do so. To "commit" is to vow, to pledge and to follow thru on your word.

Ensure Enduring Change

You will have exposed many GAPS by the time you reach this step; gaps you need to fill in order to ensure enduring change. Your cumulative understanding from Step 1, to 2, to 3, to 4, to 5, leads to greater clarity about what is needed to get yourself to unstoppable.

There are parts or aspects of you that have the talents, skills and abilities to get you to your goal. They are likely committed to other jobs within your life system. You will learn to recruit them and promote from within.

What can ADDventures in Achievement do for you?  Let's chat & find out.

Complete the form so I can give you a call within 24-48 hours!  Be sure to read the contents of this website first, where many of your questions will already be answered.

Then, we'll have a chat, see if we're a good match, and if AIA meets your needs.  If yes - I'll offer you the opportunity to enroll and get started on your transformative journey!


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