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Some BENEFITS of our Transformative Work You'll move from Stuck to Unstoppable

Live Video Recorded Workshops

If you've attended workshops in the past, understood the information while you were there and felt lost once you left, that was most likely "state-based learning" at play.

I've closed that gap by hosting "working workshops" where we do the work together during the workshop, and have experiences that lay the foundation for you to be able to continue practicing newly learned skills and strategies after the live event with greater confidence, since you've already done it once.  You aren't starting from scratch or on your own. 

In fact, you can attend the live event and work on or off video and come back during the live event to get help if you get stuck.  And since you've made the time commitment to be at the live event, why not use that time to experientially learn rather than intellectually learn and struggle after.  The hardest part of doing something new can be "getting started" and you have the opportunity to "get started" together.

All Workshops are recorded for replay and posted in member portal archives. 

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Live Video Recorded Coaching Calls

If you've ever tried to explain your challenges to a friend or family member, only to be met with frustration or disbelief on their part, it probably doesn't feel good.

One of the guiding principles of this community is that it must remain a judgment-free, safe and supportive space where you can "be yourself" and be accepted "as you are" each time you show up.  You are constantly changing and evolving, and the purpose of these coaching calls is to answer your questions and support your growth with love and  acceptance.

You can show up for these weekly coaching calls, and only stay 5 or 10 minutes to get what you need, or stay for the entire call; it's up to you.  From my recovery work in CoDA I learned that I need to keep my eyes on myself and what I am doing, rather than what others might think about what I am doing.  You will have the opportunity to learn more about yourself, your needs, and how to meet them so you can live as your best self.

All Calls are recorded for replay and posted in the member portal archives.

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24/7 Private ADDventures Forum

If you've ever wished that someone was available to you 24/7 to answer your questions or help you when you get stuck, this is pretty close because I'm your "coach-on-call" 6 days/week.

I created a separate portal and connected it to our membership site to ensure the confidentiality and privacy that I feel the growth we are undertaking requires.  The only people in the Forum are those in the AIA program; people you have gotten to know and feel comfortable with.  Plus, members are often there generously helping one another with resources.  

There are sub-forums for daily or weekly accountability, brain dumps, celebration of your wins, reaching out for support on a specific challenge, as well as posting your takeaways from our working workshops and coaching calls.  You can also participate in dialogue and growth with Dr B via her 5-step process to move you from stuck to unstoppable.  Point is, use whatever you find of value to you on your journey.

Notifications are auto-generated whenever you post or respond to my posts.

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This is a place for REAL HOPE!

If you've been led to believe that the struggles of your life are permanent & the best you can do is "manage them" - I have a different perspective to offer you. 
Please reach out to me via the form just below so we can chat right away about increasing your happiness and success.

Dr. Barbara A. Cohen


To preserve the integrity of this exclusive community, I speak with everyone interested in enrolling.

Let's talk & find out if ADDventures in Achievement is right for you.  If it is, I will be honored to work with you. Please complete the form to the right, and you'll hear from me by phone or Skype within 24-48 hours (except when I'm offline during my Sabbath, Friday - Saturday sundown).

Testimonials From 2018 In Person Training

"Dr B's weekend retreat was an emotional journey from within. I learned more about myself and with that foundation am able to make the changes to improve myself. It was an interactive class with exercises which taught me about myself. The weekend was healing and inspirational. Thank you Dr B for helping with part of the journey."

AIA Student, Texas

"Dr B’s ADDventures in Achievement program has helped me in so many different areas of life. So when I had the privilege of attending the 2 Day in person training, I knew 100% without a doubt that I was not going to miss it. The experience and curriculum combined was truly revolutionary for me and my goals for the weekend!"

AIA Student, Washington

"I had a wonderful experience at our first ever weekend training. It was full of helpful information both written and verbal. I’ve had the opportunity to apply much of it to my daily life. It was a great help in planning our wedding and honeymoon. My wife and I have had many conversations about the people who were there and how spending that time would benefit us in the future. I am planning to be at the next one, and will put it on our calendar as soon as we have a date. I hope to get some family members to join me."

AIA Student, CA

"The August 2018 live training was an intensely rewarding experience. The content, exercises, and training methodology worked in concert to promote healing, personal growth, and self-actualization. The synergy of Dr B and our group was powerful. I found these two days very fulfilling and I imagine each of us returned to our homes in various parts of the U.S. radiating some of the positivity and lightness that we experienced onsite. Dr B's live training nourishes the mind and nurtures the spirit. I strongly encourage everyone in the ADDventures in Achievement program to experience the personal peace you will find in yourself through the next live, transformative training experience with Dr B."

AIA Student, Texas

"I highly recommend Dr B’s programs, and I found the 2-day live training especially helpful in sorting out what parts of my struggles I really want to work on. The topics were relevant (because she asked what we wanted to work on ahead of time!), and the information reached me at a deeper level due to the small group environment. Ground rules were clear, so it was helpful to know what to expect. And still it exceeded my expectations in every way. I have useful handouts and wonderful notes that I continue to refer back to. All in all it was an incredible value, and I found it life-changing. Dr B’s heart for helping others, combined with a vast knowledge of human behavior is what sets her apart from any other coach or therapist I have ever worked with. Dr B’s ability to find solutions for each individual’s experience is a true gift, one that I can see she works hard at cultivating so that she can stay on top of new scientific and medical information and continue to offer the best options. Her energy and passion for spreading love and healing are a blessing to those who work with her. "

AIA Student, Virginia

"I am glad to have attended this 2-day event with Dr B. The training environment was very pleasant and homey; and the spacing and setup were quite comfortable. The small group size allowed for a generous amount of individual attention for each participant – which I found most valuable. The topics selected and pace of material presented were well thought out, and it all flowed well. I especially found the opening exercise of leaving our parental homes to be very meaningful to me. I heard the words of what a loving parent might say to their child going out into the world. Hearing it, even at this stage in my life, did my heart good. I recommend this 2-day event to anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of what went wrong in their lives; along with the accompanying tools to dig themselves out. "

AIA Student, CA

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If EF Deficits are limiting your life options!

Getting to know you and learning about your dreams, gifts and challenges is exciting to me.  I love resolving challenges and clearing a path forward for dreams to come true.

It takes work and commitment on your part, and I'm here 6 days a week to support your efforts.  You are definitely NOT alone in this program.

So bring your dreams and let's build a strong foundation under them so they can be realized and achieved.  There's transformation happening inside this program every day.  I'd love to help facilitate yours.  


Are you ready to benefit from Dr B's 30+ years of expertise starting today

  1. Executive Function (EF) Skill Assessment and review of those results -  (value $100)
  2. A 1:1 jump start session for me to understand your needs and goals - (Value $270)
  3. "Working Workshops", 90 minutes weekly @ 6:15 pm PT, EF Skills & Strategies - (Value $5,400)
  4. Group Coaching Calls, drop in format, stay as long as you like, 5:45-7:45 pm PT weekly - (Value $5,400)
  5. All live events recorded and posted for replay within an hour of event - (Value "priceless")
  6. Library of Dr B live stream videos on topics of relevance to your growth - (Value "priceless")
  7. Confidential Forum, open 24/7, for accountable growth and support - (Value "priceless")
  8. Dr B, your "coach-on-call" 6 days/week in forum answering questions - (Value "priceless")
  9. 12 modules (more coming) to develop & learn to apply EF Skills & Strategies - (Value "priceless")

Total value for each 3-month commitment is over $8,000 & you pay a fraction of that! 

Only about $9/day for coaching 6 days/week  

I'd love to tell you more of what's in store for you... 

In Person Training in CA

Exclusively for students in ADDventures in Achievement program & Couples in Motion

First Annual 1-day couples healing retreat/training

  • Friday only
  • August 2019; Exact date TBD
  • 9 am - 5 pm
  • 08:30 am - arrive, connect with others & settle in to start
  • 09:00 am - content
  • 10:15 am - break on site
  • 10:30 am - content
  • 11:45 am - break on site
  • 12:00 pm - content
  • 01:15 pm - lunch break for 45 minutes on site
  • 02:00 pm - content
  • 03:15 pm - break on site
  • 03:30 pm - content
  • 04:45 pm - short break for recap, wrap up and transition
  • 5 topics for training determined by couples
  • Lunch and snacks provided
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Second Annual 2-day healing retreat/training weekend

  • Saturday & Sunday
  • August 2019; Exact date TBD
  • 9 am - 6 pm both days
  • Attendees determine the unique 12 topics for training
  • Comfortable tables and seating for optimal learning 
  • Designed to support you taking care of yourself and your needs
  • Lunches and snacks provided
  • Saturday night dinner and socializing - family welcome
  • Lodging list for out-of-state travelers available
  • Appointment times available for private sessions before and after the weekend training

  • New topics will be determined by those who enroll for 2019 event
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Days structured for mental & emotional digestion

  • 08:30 am - arrive, connect with others & settle in to start
  • 09:00 am - content
  • 10:15 am - break on site
  • 10:30 am - content
  • 11:45 am - break on site
  • 12:00 pm - content
  • 01:15 pm - lunch break for 45 minutes on site
  • 02:00 pm - content
  • 03:15 pm - break on site
  • 03:30 pm - content
  • 04:45 pm - break on site
  • 05:00 pm - content
  • 06:15 pm - short break for recap, wrap up and transition
  • 06:30 pm - Saturday night only - dinner & socializing, including family members
  • 09:00 pm - call it a night & sleep
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2018 Topics Below - New topics for 2019 pending 

  • Saturday
    • Your relationship with yourself
    • Self-talk, self-forgiveness & limiting beliefs
    • Being accountable to yourself
    • Communication & better relationships
    • Sustaining focus on the right things
  • Sunday
    • Strategic thinking
    • Shifting thinking from scarcity to abundance
    • Planning and scheduling
    • Following through on everything you commit to
    • Creating and maintaining balance
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