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DH from Virginia

I highly recommend Dr B’s programs, and I found the 2-day live training especially helpful in sorting out what parts of my struggles I really want to work on. The topics were relevant (because she asked what we wanted to work on ahead of time!), and the information reached me at a deeper level due to the small group environment. Ground rules were clear, so it was helpful to know what to expect. And still it exceeded my expectations in every way. I have useful handouts and wonderful notes that I continue to refer back to. All in all it was an incredible value, and I found it life-changing.

Dr B’s heart for helping others, combined with a vast knowledge of human behavior is what sets her apart from any other coach or therapist I have ever worked with. Dr B’s ability to find solutions for each individual’s experience is a true gift, one that I can see she works hard at cultivating so that she can stay on top of new scientific and medical information and continue to offer the best options. Her energy and passion for spreading love and healing are a blessing to those who work with her.

SW from California

"Where do I begin to tell you, the person looking into helping yourself, how wonderful this ADDventures program can be for your sanity and growth?

Being scattered, which seems to be a trait of ADHD people, like you and me, is explained, nurtured, talked about and offered solutions; at your own pace and with whatever explanations that you might need. For me, it was learning to pause and think before I made a decision and very often the decision would then be different after having paused.

The community of people that surround you and, with Dr B to guide you, is a WIN/WIN situation. Any and all of your emotions are welcomed at any time they show up. This is a safe place to grow and feel loved."

Shelby from Michigan

"The essential pieces of my ADD/EFD self-care stack: Medication, proper nutrition, exercise, good sleep, and Dr. B’s program. When I get sufficient amounts of all of it, I’m unstoppable.

With her help, I’m gradually rewiring my brain to align my actions with my intentions and to work with me, rather than against me. Her advice is helping me to experience life in a more positive, confident, and productive way. Dr. B’s motto could be “been there, solved that,” because she has lived so many similar issues to the ones we in the group have experienced, and she’s found a way to deal with them that others can apply to their own lives.

Of all the many mental healthcare pros I’ve worked with, she’s the first to understand my executive functioning issues first-hand. She’s a true unicorn of the mental healthcare world!"