Leslie from Maryland

"I was able to tell early on that this is exactly what I needed. The group format allows me to learn with and from others. 

Thank you, Dr. B for creating a complete package that assists me in expanding my knowledge of executive functioning, emotional growth and good self-care which assists me in my pursuits of self-improvement. You are genuinely interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise to help make changes and opportunities for me to make greater strides in living my best life.

The investment in this unique program offers real-time assistance which makes this program highly valuable and delivers such great benefits." 

Jim from Texas

"Dr B will take you on a journey to get where you could not get alone. She helped me and others by first realizing and accepting where I am and helping me with skills and support to get where I wanted to go. Dr B. has the skills, patience, experience, and the gift to give you the answers and unique guidance to help you in the present and future. There were many times during coaching calls when I would say to myself, “Wow, she knows me better than I do!”

The community is awesome and there is always something to learn from Dr B and the other members. The journey is not easy and does require work and consistency on your part but you will have incredible support. Thank you, Dr B for believing in me, giving me amazing skills, teaching me about trust with myself, improving my relationship with my family, improving my memory, allowing me to work with time and not against it, keeping my word, teaching me about sleep and keeping it sacred, and many more things which have made and continue to make me a better version of myself!"

Mario from California

"I spent the 50 years wondering what was wrong with me? Why I’m not like my other friends, am I broken?  In one year working with Dr B, I’ve been able to change the things in my life that use to keep me from succeeding.

Now my life after 60 will so much better than it was before 60. My relationships are better, my work and personal life have dramatically improved because of what I learned in the ADDventures program."

FP from Michigan

"In just a matter of one 1:1 session and 2 workshops with Dr B, I feel like I'm starting to be myself again. I still have a long way to go related to dealing with my ADHD but I know that I'm on the right path as long as I stick with the ADDventures in Achievement program that Dr B champions.

Just weeks before I signed-up, I was feeling depressed and very frustrated with myself in how I'm handling even the minor daily tasks and responsibilities I have both at home and at work. Dr B has enlightened me about many things that I really needed to hear and made such a difference already. She just does not listen, she gives solutions!  And solutions that are effective and make sense!

I have not met anyone that listens the way she does....you can feel her sincerity when she says that I matter, that all of us matters, right through the camera.... It does not even feel like she's 2,000 miles+ away the way she communicates to me personally and to others in the group.

I'm looking forward to the rest of my journey with Dr B's program. It has been such a blessing so far. Thank you, Dr B!"

RO from California

"Working with Dr B has been helpful, encouraging and has inspired real change in my life. Because of steps she encouraged me to take, there are several tangible achievements she helped me accomplish: following up on a job opening and getting hired on the spot, changing my perspective on tasks I dreaded to instead addressing them promptly and with ease, and learning to be a kind encourager to myself, treating myself with care. I am forever grateful for her willingness to be transparent."

SW from California

"Where do I begin to tell you, the person looking into helping yourself, how wonderful this ADDventures program can be for your sanity and growth?

Being scattered, which seems to be a trait of ADHD people, like you and me, is explained, nurtured, talked about and offered solutions; at your own pace and with whatever explanations that you might need. For me, it was learning to pause and think before I made a decision and very often the decision would then be different after having paused.

The community of people that surround you and, with Dr B to guide you, is a WIN/WIN situation. Any and all of your emotions are welcomed at any time they show up. This is a safe place to grow and feel loved."

Shelby from Michigan

"The essential pieces of my ADD/EFD self-care stack: Medication, proper nutrition, exercise, good sleep, and Dr. B’s program. When I get sufficient amounts of all of it, I’m unstoppable.

With her help, I’m gradually rewiring my brain to align my actions with my intentions and to work with me, rather than against me. Her advice is helping me to experience life in a more positive, confident, and productive way. Dr. B’s motto could be “been there, solved that,” because she has lived so many similar issues to the ones we in the group have experienced, and she’s found a way to deal with them that others can apply to their own lives.

Of all the many mental healthcare pros I’ve worked with, she’s the first to understand my executive functioning issues first-hand. She’s a true unicorn of the mental healthcare world!"

Kristina from California

"ADDventures In Achievement offers a truly unique and powerful experience, and has been worth the continued investment of time, effort and energy. Dr B's commitment is sincere and evident in the guidance and thoughtful attention paid to each member – she's created a safe and energized space to share and learn from each other.

I've gained a tremendous amount of valuable insight that I believe would not have been possible without my participation in this program. It's been absolutely beneficial to work with someone so passionate, deeply knowledgeable, and growth focused. I'm very grateful to have found Dr B and this community!"

Jamie from California

"Dr B is not only a phenomenal therapist and mentor, she is a healer, a visionary, and a stand for personal empowerment. This community she has created has delivered more than promised, and has provided me a place to grow and process with others who also struggle with ADHD.

There is so much relief knowing that there is a group of adults who are challenged with obstacles like organization and executing goals. I have found a tribe of loving individuals and a safe space to be transparent and vulnerable in. I have learned powerful mindset habits, distinctions that create clarity, and accountability structures that have made my life a million times easier. Additionally, I have learned mindsets and behaviors that have allowed me to manage my emotions and not fall into a state of depression when sadness arises.

Dr B sets a tone of loving rigor, and does not let any of her students fall into their rackets. My only wish is that this program would have been available when I was younger. I am beyond grateful for who Dr B is and what she gives to this world."


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