Dr B is an Online Educator and Coach, who works with bright, creative adults with focus, follow through and self-management challenges; adults who want to move from being stuck to unstoppable.

Dr B is the creator of ADDventures In Achievement™ and ADDventures In Achievement Inner Sanctuary™, which is a membership program comprised of like-minded individuals working together to create transformation and become unstoppable.

After a 30+ year successful self-employed career "offline", as a psychotherapist, coach, international researcher, speaker, author, and fitness trainer, Dr B made the decision to transition to an online presence to extend her ability to reach and benefit more individuals in need of her expertise.  

Over the years, many indivduals have wanted to work with Dr B and benefit from her expertise, loving-kindness, patience and willingness to go to any lengths to ensure their success, but have been unable to do so at the frequency they needed due to cost.  Dr B conceived of and created ADDventures In Achievement™ as an ideal way to be of service to many more individuals, while cutting costs for those services, making them more accessible to all.

Dr B has been of service at a community level for ~20 years, serving as Chapter Coordinator and Support Group Leader for CHADD, served on the Professional Board of Directors for CHADD at the local level, and has facilitated a support group for adults with ADHD since early 2013.

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