Dr B is an Online Educator and Coach, who works with bright, creative adults with focus, follow through, self-management and executive function challenges; adults who want to move from being stuck to unstoppable.

Dr B is the creator of ADDventures In Achievement™ and ADDventures In Achievement Forum, which is a membership program comprised of like-minded individuals working together to create transformation and become unstoppable.

After a 30+ year successful self-employed career "offline", as a psychotherapist, coach, international researcher, speaker, author, and fitness trainer, Dr B made the decision to transition to an online presence, in addition to her ongoing "offline" work, to extend her ability to reach and benefit more adults in need of her expertise.  

Over the years, many adults have wanted to work with Dr B and benefit from her expertise, loving-kindness, patience and willingness to go to any lengths to ensure their success, but have been unable to do so at the frequency they needed due to cost.  Dr B conceived of and created ADDventures In Achievement™ as an ideal way to be of service to many more adults, while cutting costs for those services, and making them more accessible to all.

How I came to be...

I was told years ago, "if you want others to be 'emotionally vulnerable' with you, you need to go first." Fair enough, especially if you don't know me. Life has given me lots of challenges to embrace and overcome on the way to now, just like you.  Some have been harder, some have taken longer, and like you, I am a work in progress...

  • At the core of me is a highly curious deep thinker, with a voracious appetite for learning about whatever interests me. That appetite has taken me in many different directions, for most of my life, and comes full circle in this program.
  • My earliest school memories were struggle and shame at not being able to keep up.  I did what I had to do to get the work done, and throughout the rest of my early schooling. My young mind came up with solutions that weren't always ones of integrity; certainly not my proudest moments.
  • College presented new challenges; learning differently, having many special needs and a greater level of self-care.  I'm grateful to know this today, so I can take the extra steps to live a great life; a small price to pay.
  • My life got derailed for a few years because of drugs, alcohol, codependency, and other behavioral addictions. More to embrace, overcome and integrate into who I am today.
  • In addition to college courses, I studied interior design, modeling, massage therapy, cranial-sacral therapy, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic psychology, and neurofeedback. There's that voracious appetite for learning at play.
  • I worked in the fields of law, medicine, insurance, construction, weight reduction, research, wellness and sewing all before finally getting clear and fully committed to my path forward to now.  I hadn't yet learned to live an intentional life; one that I designed to be the best expression of me; that came when I changed my mindset.

Everyone has a dream tucked away inside just aching to come to life.  Most people keep their dreams to themselves, for fear of being laughed at, not taken seriously or some other reason.  Your dream is the life you envision for yourself in those quiet moments when you "wish" or "think about" something bigger. For most of my life I kept my dreams small.  I felt invisible, insignificant and just wanted to make it through my days.  That shifted when I met and studied with Jim Rohn. I was in awe of his commanding presence when he spoke, and the wisdom he shared.  I wanted what he had, but the best I could imagine for me back then was to be the assistant to someone like Jim.  After all, invisible and insignificant people don't live a big, bold life. Jim said, "for things to change you have to change." So I got curious about what was wrong with my thinking and I changed it. I didn't want to die with my gifts and dreams still tucked away inside of me.

Fast-forward to now...I am an innovative, passionate adult ADHD expert with decades of experience and successes, whose sole mission is to help you get to where you want to go, whether you have ADHD or not. We all deserve a place in this world, where we can be seen and accepted for who we are; our gifts, our limitations and everything in-between.  Peace in the world begins with peace inside each of us.  I would be honored to help you focus on what you stand for each day, and to create a loving relationship with your SELF.  I am driven to make a positive, significant difference in the lives of others - and that means YOU. Stigma dies out slowly over time, so there may still be those who choose to view you as "dis-abled;" (not able.) However, you can choose to learn to live as the "super-powered" person you are.

Some other highlights along the way to now..

  • Volunteered in the teens' ward at Camarillo State Mental Hospital as a senior in high school.
  • Opened Sunshine Stitchery, as my temporary employment solution to an unexpected massive layoff.
  • Launched another short-term project, Potentially Yours, teaching maintenance first for weight reduction.
  • Served my community as volunteer Coordinator for the San Fernando Valley CHADD Chapter for ~15 years, plus served on the Professional Advisory Board.
  • Founded Center for Healing the Human Spirit as an inner and outer space for psychotherapy and healing.
  • Founded The ADHD Coaching Company to extend my service reach using a coaching model, in addition to therapy.
  • Established the Center's Research Lab to participate in two international research studies: adults with severe major depression, iSPOT-D and children and teens with ADHD, iSPOT-A.  
  • ADHD LA meetup organizer, leading a vibrant ADHD support group that has helped transform and even save lives. Every meeting begins with "WINS" or victories for the week. One formerly suicidal group member wrote of this practice: "What I found that first evening saved my life and changed me forever."
  • Visionary/Founder of ADDventures In Achievement™, an innovative Membership Program for Bright, Creative Adults With Focus, Follow Through, Self-Management and Executive Function  Challenges.
  • Podcast host and producer of Living Beyond ADHD.  The show features Ask Dr B episodes as well as executive function skill and strategy topics relevant to the needs of my audience.

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