What Happens Once I Enroll?

getting started Feb 21, 2018

You'll receive an email with your login information to access the membership site; actually two (2) products:  Getting Started with ADDventures in Achievement and ADDventures in Achievement will be waiting for you.  From there you can get yourself registered for the ADDventures in Achievement Forum, which is the private forum area for interacting 1:1.

Next, I'll be reaching out to you to set up your 1:1 kickoff appointment with me, where I'll have the opportunity to get to know you a bit as well as learn about your challenges and goals.  Before our appointment, you will receive the Executive Function Skill Assessment, so we can discuss those results in our 1:1 appointment.

You'll find a comprehensive video and PDF "tour of our space" in the Getting Started with AIA product - meaning that I show you where everything is and how it works in both the membership site and forums on video as well as in written form (pdf download).

You have the opportunity to attend live group coaching calls weekly (two time options; earlier and later) as well as weekly live working workshops.  So, there's certainly no shortage of time together.  And when we aren't together, you will have access to me via the forums 6 days a week.  You post and I am notified and respond.  A great way to interact and dialogue your way through challenges.

In other words, you'll have me "by your side", making sure you are progressing and on track!

Even working with a coach 1:1 you don't always get the attention to details about you and your challenges that this program makes possible. I make it my job to ask what you need and provide it to the best of my ability within the structure of this program. It's very important to me that you succeed!

The Working Workshops are created to educate you as well as allow for you to do the work right then and there in the Workshop (since you've made the time to attend) so you don't have to make time outside of the Workshop if you don't have it.  The Group Coaching Calls are weekly so I can support you and help you work through challenges, practicing strategies and asking clarifying questions  on a regular basis, and of course you can always reach out to me via the forums for help too. We have our 1:1 appointment in the beginning of your journey so I can learn about you and your needs and keep you focused on your stated and posted goals, and have another 1:1 appointment every time you renew your quarterly membership to make sure you stay on track with your goals.

The separate Members' Only Portal called ADDventures in Achievement Forum, is where we all interact in the forums there - with introductions, progress and accountability, daily or weekly goals, sharing WINS, posting takeaways and questions from Working Workshops and Coaching Calls and more.

You can interact "live" on our calls if they match your schedule or watch the replays at a more convenient time for you. You can be as involved and rigorous about your work in this program as fits for you.

PLUS - I'm online 6 days a week in the forums and membership site responding to your needs.

My 5-Step System for Personal Transformation with Ease and G.R.A.C.E. is the basis for building a strong and sustainable foundation. This process is worked on, step-by-step, in the Forum, where you receive direct feedback from me on each step you take and revision you make, until you "get" the lesson. Take all the time you need.


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