What Happens Once I Enroll?

getting started Feb 21, 2018

You'll receive an email with your login information to access the membership site; actually two (2) products:  Getting Started with ADDventures in Achievement and ADDventures in Achievement will be waiting for you.  From there you can get yourself registered for the ADDventures in Achievement Forum, which is the private forum area for interacting 1:1.

Next, I'll be reaching out to you to set up your 1:1 kickoff appointment with me, where I'll have the opportunity to get to know you a bit as well as learn about your challenges and goals.  Before our appointment, you will receive the Executive Function Skill Assessment, so we can discuss those results in our 1:1 appointment.

You'll find a comprehensive video and PDF "tour of our space" in the Getting Started with AIA product - meaning that I show you where everything is and how it works in both the membership site and forums on video as well as in written form (pdf download).

You have the opportunity to attend live...

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