What Happens Once I Enroll?

Aug 30, 2017

You'll receive an email with your login information to access the membership site.  From there you can get yourself registered for the Inner Sanctuary, which is the private forum area for interacting 1:1.

Next, I'll be reaching out to you to set up your 1:1 kickoff appointment with me, where I'll have the opportunity to get to know you a bit as well as learn about your challenges and goals.

You'll find a comprehensive video and PDF "tour of our space" - meaning that I show you where everything is and how it works in both the membership site and forums on video.

You have the opportunity to attend live coaching calls weekly as well as live workshops twice a month.  On the off weeks of no workshops, you have the opportunity to participate in live coaching calls with a focus on work-related issues.  So, there's certainly no shortage of time together.  And when we aren't together, you will have access to me via the forums 6 days a week.  You post and I am...

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How do I participate?

Aug 29, 2017

Once you enroll, you will be taken to the student portal where you can register for all of the live trainings via Zoom Video. You will get reminders each week to register and attend. 

Each Workshop and/or Group Coaching Call is live and approximately 75 minutes. Group Coaching includes the opportunity to volunteer for the "Spotlight Spot", which means I work directly with you for part of the call, on an issue you post, for your benefit and that of all the attendees on the Call.  And if no one wants the 'Spotlight Spot" then typically there's time for me to help everyone on the call, one by one which is great.

Once the Workshop and/or Coaching Call is over, I upload the recording in the student portal archives so you can it watch again and again. Repetition is so valuable! You can follow along each week or attend according to your own schedule.  And if you miss a live event, you can make it up by watching the recorded video.

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What if I can't attend live?

Aug 28, 2017

Don't worry; all Workshops and Coaching Calls are recorded and uploaded into the student portal archives so you can watch them at any time.  And, if you know in advance that you can't attend a live event, you can post your questions 24 hours in advance in the comments section of that event's page, and I will make sure to address your questions in the live Workshop or on the live Coaching Call so you can hear your answers when you do watch the replay.  Again, another great way to not miss out on anything in the program!!

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What is the AIA Inner Sanctuary?

Aug 27, 2017

The ADDventures in Achievement Inner Sanctuary™ is a separate student portal I have connected to the membership site to ensure absolute confidentiality and privacy as we learn and interact together in the Forums and various work spaces there.

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How do I ask questions & get 1:1 help?

Aug 25, 2017

You can post your questions in advance of every Group Coaching Call as well as ask questions on the Call.  You can ask questions inside the private Inner Sanctuary™.  You will have an initial 1:1 apppointment with me to make sure I am clear on your needs and questions, and a quarterly 1:1 appointment, so long as you remain an active, renewing member.  You can book an additional appointment with me, if what you need extends beyond the scope of membership.

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What is your 5-Step G.R.A.C.E. System?

Aug 25, 2017

Goal vs. Fantasy

Fantasy "goals" are immediate. We imagine it and we have it; just that easy. Real "goals" have steps; steps we need to take to get to our goal. There are also the goals we want to set and the goals we need to set before the ones we want; kind of the "pre-step goals."  It's just not as simple as setting a goal. There's a lot to know and many layers to the process to ensure your success. If you're oging to set a goal, why not be thorough and set the one you need first?

Fantasy vs. Reality

It can be difficult to see your life with clarity; not because you are intentionally deceiving, rather you truly believe what you think you see. Sometimes it takes the eyes of another to shed some light. Only by knowing where we are starting from can we advance.  You will also be identifying your "good enough reason" (your fuel and motivation) to pursue and get your goal. Your head isn't what drives you towards your goal; it's your heart-felt passion and "all in" attitude.

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How is this different from other programs?

Aug 24, 2017

Enrollment is limited when I open enrollment, so I can have the time I need to learn about you and your needs.  I am commited to making sure that ALL members succeed in reaching their goals.  As a new member, you'll have a 1:1 appointment with me so I can fully understand your needs and goals, & all renewing members have a quarterly 1:1 appointment to make sure progress is being made & to address any difficulties.  I do my best to move into the lives of my students and really see what's happening in your life and where the real issues are, so we can address them.

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Who is ADDventures in Achievement For?

Aug 23, 2017
  • You're already working with a coach or therapist, and would like a community & hands on work
  • You work more effectively with an accountability buddy and some place to show up daily to grow
  • You are not a "techie", need something easy to interact with & like "in person" when possible
  • You're really busy, need flexibility to show up when you can & still benefit from your membership
  • You're done living a "stuck life" & ready to move on to the life you've wanted for years now
  • You're looking for "an affordable alternative" to 1:1 time-limited coaching models
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