How do I participate?

Once you enroll, you will receive access to two (2) products - Getting Started with ADDventures in Achievement and ADDventures in Achievement.  Be sure to make your way through the Getting Started product "first" before you jump into the main product. 

In ADDventures in Achievement, you will see the upcoming Working Workshops listed as well as the upcoming Group Coaching Calls.  You can register right away for the live events or wait until I send out a reminder email to all members to register.  All live events are done on Zoom Video.  You will always get reminders to register and attend.

Each Working Workshop and Group Coaching Call is live and approximately 75-90 minutes.  You can stay for the entire Coaching Call or leave once you get what you need.  I highly recommend staying for the entire Working Workshops though. 

Once the Working Workshop or Group Coaching Call is over, I upload the recording in the student portal archives so you can...

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