What is your 5-Step G.R.A.C.E. System?

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2018

Goal vs. Fantasy

Fantasy "goals" are immediate. We imagine it and we have it; just that easy. Real "goals" have steps; steps we need to take to get to our goal. There are also the goals we want to set and the goals we need to set before the ones we want; kind of the "pre-step goals."  It's just not as simple as setting a goal. There's a lot to know and many layers to the process to ensure your success. If you're oging to set a goal, why not be thorough and set the one you need first?

Fantasy vs. Reality

It can be difficult to see your life with clarity; not because you are intentionally deceiving, rather you truly believe what you think you see. Sometimes it takes the eyes of another to shed some light. Only by knowing where we are starting from can we advance.  You will also be identifying your "good enough reason" (your fuel and motivation) to pursue and get your goal. Your head isn't what drives you towards your goal; it's your heart-felt passion and "all in" attitude.

Acceptance vs. Denial

In order to "close all exits and be in 1000%" you need an openness and willingness that doesn't necessarily come naturally. However, you can and will be cultivating these qualities. You will release all excuses or ways out by being fully open to your goal.  You will go to any lengths and live in the solutions, not the problems or obstacles, when you become willing to have your goal. Saying you are open and willing when you aren't fully there yet, only slows you down.

Commit vs. 'Plan To'

Every small step takes you a step closer to your goal. You will be identifying that small step as well as what is necessary for you to be able to take that small step. You'll also factor in your feelings about taking this small step. And create the map for your journey.  This will all happen once you "commit" to this journey and what is needed. There is no I "plan to" make these changes; there is only "commit" to do so. To "commit" is to vow, to pledge and to follow thru on your word.

Ensure Enduring Change

You will have exposed many GAPS by the time you reach this step; gaps you need to fill in order to ensure enduring change. Your cumulative understanding from Step 1, to 2, to 3, to 4, to 5, leads to greater clarity about what is needed to get yourself to unstoppable.  There are parts or aspects of you that have the talents, skills and abilities to et you to your goal. They are likely committed to other jobs within your life system. You will learn to recruit them and promote from within.


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